Getting started as the Account Owner

There are several ways to create an Uppercase account. In this article we cover each one and the differences.

Selecting a product

Uppercase offers two main products: Perform and Directory.

Uppercase Perform. Perform is an agile performance management product which includes the base Directory. To access Perform, you may request a free trial or start a free trial through Slack.

Uppercase Directory (G Suite customers only). Directory is a free employee directory (free for up to 100 employees). In order to sign up for Directory you must be a G Suite customer and install Uppercase through the G Suite Marketplace. For instructions, read Enabling the Uppercase / G Suite directory sync and follow Method 1.

Setting up your account

Once you've created your account you will be prompted to enter initial details such as your name and company name. If the system detects that your domain is a G Suite domain you will be prompted to enable the G Suite integration. See Understanding the directory sync process.

Once you've completed the account setup process, you can now begin adding users to the system. See Adding a new member to your account.