Updating your profile photo

A current profile photo helps your team members recognize you!  You can upload a profile photo using the file chooser or by dragging-and-dropping your photo on top of the existing photo.

Uploading your photo

File chooser

Click the Upload Photo link underneath your current profile photo.
A file chooser dialog will open. Select the new photo and open.


Locate your new photo on your computer.
Drag-and-drop it on top of the existing photo in your profile.

Once your photo has been selected, you will see an indicator that the new photo is uploading. It may take 1-2 seconds for the new photo to be optimized and resized before it appears.

Photo requirements

When uploading a photo it must meet these requirements:

  1. Maximum file size of 5 MB
  2. File type must be PNG, JPG, or GIF

Photos will be resized and cropped to 400x400 pixels automatically.  For best results, provide a high-quality photo with square dimensions at least 400x400 pixels large.