Finding member profiles

Uppercase makes it easy to find and view profiles of your fellow team members.

Search for a member

To search for a member:

Click in the search box in top navigation bar of the app.
Start typing the member's name. To improve your match, you can enter part of a first name and part a last name. For example, the search string 'E L' will match Evelyn Lilly, Edward Langston, Eva Lang, etc.
Matching members will be displayed in the list as you type. Click the desired member to navigate to their profile.

Browse to a member

To browse to a member:

Click the People tab in the navigation bar of the app.
Scroll through the list or filter it based on the member's name
Select a member to view their mini-profile in the right sidebar. Use the up and down arrow keys to switch between members.
Click the Profile link to visit the member's full profile.