Viewing the org chart

Uppercase provides three ways to view aspects of your organizational hierarchy.

Full org hierarchy

In order to view the full hierarchy for your organization, follow these steps:

Click the People tab in the top navigation of the app.
Click the tree icon at the top of the list of members.
To expand levels of the org tree, click the arrow under an individual's card.

The org hierarchy displays top-level sections of the org tree. A top-level section is one where an individual has no manager specified but does have direct reports. An organization where everyone reports up to the top position (e.g., CEO), will be displayed as one section that can be expanded down to the lower levels. In some cases, an organization might have multiple top-level org sections. This might be an org with a very flat structure with shared leadership, e.g., a partnership, or it might be because the org structure is in transition.

Individual reporting line

In addition to the org hierarchy, there are two places where you can see a member's reporting line and direct report. The first is in the mini-profile seen when viewing the member list. The second is on the member's full profile page.