Managing the org chart

Uppercase allows you to manage and view the org chart for your company. This is important, because many permissions related to goals can be determined based on whether another member is a direct or indirect report of another member.

Assigning a member to a manager

Follow these steps to assign a member to a manager:

Navigate to the member's profile either by (a) using the universal search in the top navigation bar or (b) locating the member's profile under the People tab.
Click the Assign to manager link in the Reporting section of the member's profile.
In the dialog window, you will see the current manager for this member (if one exists) and a field to select a new manager. Start typing to find and select another member of the organization as the new manager.
Click the Update button to confirm assigning this member to the new manager.

Note: If you leave the New Manager field blank, the member will be updated to have no manager.

You can also assign/re-assign managers from the org chart view.