Understanding the directory sync process

How does the sync process work?

The Uppercase / G Suite directory sync process works in two parts: the initial sync and the ongoing sync.

Initial sync

The initial sync is performed when you enable the directory sync for the first time. The process runs in the background, reading all of your users from your G Suite account and creating associated members in your Uppercase account. If you have a large number of users, it can take up to 30 minutes for all of your users to be synced from G Suite to Uppercase.

Ongoing sync

After completing your initial sync, Uppercase registers with Google to be notified of updates to your users. Whenever a user is added, updated, or deleted in your G Suite account, Google notifies Uppercase, which applies the same change to your Uppercase account.

Note: In rare cases, Google may fail to notify Uppercase of an update, send updates out of order, or allow an invalid structure (see Org Cycles below). If you notice discrepancies, you can easily correct by disabling and re-enabling the directory sync on the admin settings page.

What data is synced?

For each user, the system will sync the name, email address, profile photo, title, and phone number fields from G Suite.

In addition, if the manager field is set, the system will locate the corresponding manager in Uppercase and set accordingly.


  • Invalid manager field: Some organizations use third-party tools to manager their G Suite user data. In this case, it's possible that the manager field is set to something other than the email address, e.g., name, preventing Uppercase from assigning the manager correctly.
  • Org Cycles: Uppercase explicitly disallows cycles in the org hierarchy. For example, if Person A reports to Person B, then Person B can not report to Person A. G Suite does not limit these cycles. As a result, if a cycle is accidentally or temporarily created (e.g., reorganizing a team) in G Suite, then the updates creating the cycle will be ignored by Uppercase. See the note above on how to resync an org.

How do I control which users are synced?

The system syncs all users from G Suite to Uppercase that are listed in your G Suite contact list. To prevent a user from being synced to Uppercase, uncheck the contact sharing option Automatically share user's contact information for the user in the G Suite admin.

Coming soon: Select which G Suite org units are synced to Uppercase.